How to run StickerGO on WhatsApp Aero?

Very simple.

Hi StickerGO Lovers!
I can understand how sad it is that StickerGO does not work on some WhatsApp versions including WhatsApp Aero.

Actually, this problem is caused by you download WhatsApp Aero with the wrong package name. Please follow the solution below. 👀

If you want to run StickerGO in WhatsApp Aero, here is the solution:

Go to the Aero Privileges > About section, check what is written under the "Package" text, if you see or com.aerolla, stickers and similar 3rd party WhatsApp applications may not work on your device.

In this case, you can try to install WhatsApp Aero with the "com.whatsapp" package name and disable all battery / device optimizations available on your device.

When you install WhatsApp Aero on your device with "com.whatsapp" package, WhatsApp Aero will be compatible with all 3rd party applications such as StickerGO, which is produced for WhatsApp.

How to download WhatsApp Aero with com.whatsapp package name?

You can download WhatsApp Aero by tapping me with the package name "com.whatsapp" (short name com.wa).